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Monday, October 02, 2006

Fuming !

I am fuming at the moment, nothing is going my way and i'm absolutely fed up with it.
Trying to remain calm and think positive but its so hard when youre on a run of luck like this
I just crashed out of a $10 mtt on Paradise with the first hand I played after nearly 15 minutes of folding. I raise with KK utg have a re-raise and two callers, so I push all in, two call with TT and A3o (Ace 3 offsuit ffs !)
Well as per normal a ten comes o the turn and Im out, not the worst beat in the world but Ive had a whole bloody weekend of them.
Sunday night was all in pre-flop twice, with TT and 99 against A5 and A8 and on both occaisions my opponent flopped not just one but 2 bloody aces.
I can't remember the last time my pocket pair made trips, honestly cant remember, at least 2 weeks ago I reckon.
my AK never improves and my pairs are allways outdrawn, my luck is simply unbelievable at the minute.
I wont bore you by posting hand histories, to be honest I'm only posting to calm down or I'll tilt away even more funds.
It really is hard to keep believing in the randomness of the cards when you're on a run like this, it makes you want to pack it all in.
I know things will turn, and I know people will say, take a break, dont play for a few days, and I know its good advice but I dont want to take a bloody break, I want to get some fair cards and maybe win a race now and again, is that too much to ask.


Doob said...

I could have written that word for word. In fact it is all I have been writing on my blog for the past 9 months!

dibble said...

I understand everything you've written.

carry on playing but drop down mate. If you're tilting you MUST LIMIT THE DAMAGE.

good luck

Ukgatsby said...

Been there mate and no doubt will be again. As Dibs says Limit the damage as sooner or later you going to have a golden run, Make sure you in a position to take maximum advantage of it.