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Wednesday, October 18, 2006

UKBetting Poker

Ive been playing on a new Crypto skin poker site this week, UKBetting Poker.
Keliwah put me onto it a week or two ago when they were running $3k Gtd tournaments, $10 buy in and a minimum of 50 runners required to start.
They were back on the site last weekend with only 10 required to start.
I think the first one went off with 24 runners, the second with 35, and still with the top 50 paid. You could sign in, go to bed and see how much profit you had made in the morning, it really was "free money".
The word soon spread and by Monday when the last two tournaments ran the entrants were up to about 65, still excellent value with $3k Gtd, and value even if full as they were limited to 200 runners.
Betfair announced its new site today, moving off the Crypto network and onto the pokerchamps software on 30th October.
The screenshots shown on the betfair page are a little small to see much, but look better than the current Pokerchamps software, I kinda like Crypto though, like the interface, like the tournament structure.
I guess I'll give Betfair a try, but as I have said in the past they seem too geared towards the high stakes, cash players. Thats their perogative, but as a small stakes tournament player it doesn't really float my boat.
I notice that they are now going to award MPP's for tournaments as well as cash so maybe a gesture towards the tournament players, I wont hold my breath.
Haven't been able to play live for a while due to work commitments, and to be honest I haven't really had much playing online for a while, even backgammon has lost its appeal at the moment. Maybe I need a complete break from it all for a while.

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