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Saturday, October 21, 2006

Frustration !!

Thats the only word for it at the moment, everything I do at the poker table backfires, I cant remember the last time I had any stroke of good luck at all.
I just finished playing a satellite to the $4k Gtd on Crypto tonight, I only played 2 hands in 45 minutes.
First hand I play blinds are 25/50, I raise to 3 x BB with AJo from SB with only one pre-flop limper, BB folds, limper calls. Flop is 555, I figure if he had a pair on the button with no-one in ahead of him he would raise, so I assume AJ is ahead and bet 5 x BB (250) he calls, which is half his stack. Turn is a 3 so I put him all in and he calls with.............89o, river is, of course, an 8.
The other hand I have K7 on the BB, One limper with around 1500 chips, SB folds so I check, flop is 37J with 2 hearts, opponent checks so I push all for 750 hoping to take the pot there and then and not give him a chance to outdraw me, he calls off half his stack with an T high flush draw, and of course makes his flush on the river.
So I try again in the sat for the $3k Gtd, going ok as my AhQh all in pre-flop outdraws oppo who calls with 77 and two hand later I find KK, two limpers in front of me so I raise to 450 (3 x BB) from the SB, BB folds and both limpers call.
Flop is 7 high with 2 spades so I push and get a call from a flush draw who called my raise with the mighty K8, needless to say he hits, they allways do
This is typical of how its running at the moment, I never hit a draw and my opponent never misses. If I play aggressively, I end up bluffing off my chips to some numpty who cant put down bottom pair. If I play conservatively, I sit and slowly blind myself out.
Its all just so bloody frustrating

1 comment:

steviep said...

hows it going m8:)
re poker: its only a bit of fun at the stakes we play and u cant really critise the play as its probably a newbie etc etc.keep putting the chips in when in front and itll all come out in the wash.get yersel in the flashmob game tonight for a "proper" game of poker!!!
anyways , looking forward big time to our trip to gib in january.
will most likely be short on time but will meet up for sure,