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Wednesday, April 19, 2006


Apologies for the lack of updates recently
I finally moved to Gibraltar on 24th March, and as a consequence I have had no internet access (apart from at work) for the last month.
This has meant two things, firstly I have played very little on-line poker in this time so not much to write about, secondly it has been difficult to access the blog to update it.
I have, however found time to play a couple of live tournaments at the casino here in Gib. I even managed to win one, on a technicality, after agreeing a deal with the most chips whilst heads up on the final table
Thanks to everyone who has e-mailed or MSN'd me with good wishes for the move, Im pleased to report that everything is going well so far, work is good, weather even better, and I move into a new flat on Friday.
Hopefully I will soon have internet access at home so will play more on-line and hopefully keep the blog updated a little better