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Sunday, January 22, 2006

A week off

After two consecutive weeks with a small profit, I haven't played for a whole week, so its three weeks now since a losing week :)
Had a short break in Gibraltar, partly holiday and partly to check out the possibility of moving there full-time, maybe getting a job within the online gaming industry.
Seems to be plenty of jobs going, and while the pay is not great and the the cost of housing in Gib is high, there seems sure to be plenty of opportunity for advancement within the industry and greater rewards may come with more experience.
Came home to a frozen house and no hot water, boiler broken down, so not the best of homecomings.
Entered for a £50k freeroll on Party-poker tonight, and the chance of a decent payday

Sunday, January 08, 2006

New Year : Same old luck

Outdrawn, outdrawn, and outdrawn again, its been the story of the week since new year.
The last six mtt's I've played, I've been outdrawn on to crash out. Five of them have been with pocket pairs against smaller pocket pairs, and I lost every one. Including bubbling on todays 12pm 50 euro bonus on Betfair with 55 v 44
I'll have to join the "Its all fixed" brigade if it carries on like this.
Its only a week since I set myself targets for 2006 and allready I'm begining to think I should change them. Reading doobs blog (see link on right) I'm begining to think that the pursuit of profit shouldn't be the top priority, and that maybe just playing for enjoyment is the way of enlightenment. I guess the two go hand in hand to a certain extent, I certainly enjoy winning more than losing, but is setting targets for profit, and trying to move up a level in stakes merely applying pressure to myself and limiting my enjoyment of the game ?
I've been shopping around a bit this week to try out some other sites and look for any freerolls or added value tournaments worth playing. I've heard the argument against freerolls that you play for 2 or 3 hours to win a tenner, nut Im playing anyway, so why not play for free, and if I win a tenner, then its all welcome in the kitty.
I've played mtt's all week, cashed in two for a small profit on the week, maybe stts or cash games are the way to make money, but I do enjoy the mtt format.
Well thats this weeks view on poker from Redcar towers, no doubt it will all change again by next week.

Wednesday, January 04, 2006

End of year results

Made a loss of around £30 in the last week of 2005 for a total profit for the year of £712.94
Made the money in the 3pm 50 euro added on Betfair, Monday and also made the money in the £3k Gtd on Monday evening to get 2006 off to a good start.
Its good to see so many of the low stakes players taking the plunge into Blog-ville, Im happy to link to as many as possible, and I wish you all the very best in both the poker and the blogging.I guess its the time of year to set out targets for the year so here goes.

  • A little obvious I suppose, but I want to make a profit overall for 2006 and in excess of this years total lets aim for £200 per month £2400 for the year, enough to pay for a holiday

  • To win one of the evening guaranteed mtt's on Betfair the £3k would be a start

  • To progress my cash game, and to make an overall profit on cash games over the year

  • To make the final table in a live game at the Casino at Teesside Park by the middle of the year and a top 3 finish by the end of the year

  • To play and qualify from sattelites for the £10k or £15k Gtd on Betfair and to make the final table on one of them

  • To win a big mtt on Partypoker, I like the $2 mtt at 2.45 pm but unfortunately, work does not allow me to play it too often, or maybe the $5 rebuy with a huge prize fund

Well thats all down for prosperity, so lets see how I'm doing this time next year. To be honest, I sometimes think that this years winnings are all down to beginners luck, which will run out anytime soon. At other times I think maybe I can play, and with a bigger bankroll, or a gamblers outlook, I could take on the 'big boys'. Well the next twelve months will show which one is true, if I can make a profit for two succesive years, It will certainly boost my confidence, and hopefully make me a better player.

Happy New Year Bloggers