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Sunday, January 08, 2006

New Year : Same old luck

Outdrawn, outdrawn, and outdrawn again, its been the story of the week since new year.
The last six mtt's I've played, I've been outdrawn on to crash out. Five of them have been with pocket pairs against smaller pocket pairs, and I lost every one. Including bubbling on todays 12pm 50 euro bonus on Betfair with 55 v 44
I'll have to join the "Its all fixed" brigade if it carries on like this.
Its only a week since I set myself targets for 2006 and allready I'm begining to think I should change them. Reading doobs blog (see link on right) I'm begining to think that the pursuit of profit shouldn't be the top priority, and that maybe just playing for enjoyment is the way of enlightenment. I guess the two go hand in hand to a certain extent, I certainly enjoy winning more than losing, but is setting targets for profit, and trying to move up a level in stakes merely applying pressure to myself and limiting my enjoyment of the game ?
I've been shopping around a bit this week to try out some other sites and look for any freerolls or added value tournaments worth playing. I've heard the argument against freerolls that you play for 2 or 3 hours to win a tenner, nut Im playing anyway, so why not play for free, and if I win a tenner, then its all welcome in the kitty.
I've played mtt's all week, cashed in two for a small profit on the week, maybe stts or cash games are the way to make money, but I do enjoy the mtt format.
Well thats this weeks view on poker from Redcar towers, no doubt it will all change again by next week.


wyld said...

nice post mate, maybe setting targets brings too much pressure and with the pressure the enjoyment goes, i'm gonna play when i want to play now and not every spare minute of the day, keep it up, you won't be outdrawn all the time, keep getting the chips in in front and you'll do fine,

steviep said...

hey redcar...
email me on ...
i used to live in gib and could maybe help with a few things .

Blogger said...

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