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Tuesday, December 29, 2009

End of year report

Well its that time of year again, and time to look back on 2009
After six consecutive losing months from April to September I finally turned things around in October, and look like having a break even year, after being down around $1000 at the start of December.
I've been playing predominantly on Party Poker since the end of September, no rakeback, but the deposit bonus makes up for that so far, and I've reached Gold level in the VIP scheme, which to be honest isn't worth much.
I've been playing 25c/50c and 50c/$1 dependant on my bankroll, my frame of mind and how juicy the tables look, I seem to do better at the higher level, maybe I just concentrate a little more at higher stakes.
I'm still fighting against tilt, not the crazy monkey tilt which drives some people to play above their bankroll or dump cash on casino games, just enough to make me change the way I play after losing a couple of buy-ins in a session, still trying to keep it under control.

I'm still running about $400 below EV according to Holdem Manager and I know that the general concensus is that this will even out over enough hands, but to be honest I think that I don't take enough risks, and I don't get it in when I'm behind often enough to pull back $400, maybe as my cash games improves I'll claw some of it back.
Away from poker I'm all over Manchester United this season, I have them at 100/30 to win the Premiership, 10/1 to win the Champions League and Rooney at 18/1 to be Prem top scorer.