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Friday, February 24, 2006

An MTT Win

Nice win on Thursday nights 8pm £2 mtt on Betfair, beat a field of 525 for first place and over £250 in prize money to take poker profit into 4 figures for the first time.
Pretty uneventful win really, got lucky early on when an opponent slow played Pocket Rockets for long enough for my KQo to develop into Trip Kings and still called the big river bet.
Caught an all in bluffer with an inspired (or totally fishy) call with middle pair, and never really got into any trouble after that. Final table was pretty loose and cut each others throats, I played tight and aggresive (just like the books say) and got paid off to reach the last three with pretty even stacks. Allways felt in control and won when my 77 stood up against KJo heads up.
Thanks to Wyld/JohnTerry26 for all his support during the tourney which kept me on an even keel throughout.
Have played the Daily Dollar LOQ most nights, with a 5th place on Wedneday being the closest I've come to qualifying for the weekly final. Seems to me to be plenty of value in this tournament, with the chance to play in the wsop for less than a quid.
Feeling pretty confident about my mtt play in these low stakes tournaments now, I've proved over time that I can consistently make a profit and the confidence is now evident in my play.
Long may it continue

Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Off to Gibraltar

Finally found out I got the job in Gibraltar, working for Mansion on the poker site
Off to the sunny mediteranean in late March
On the poker front, a couple of final tables on Betfairs £2 mtt's meant 2 winning weeks on the trot, and a total of 6 winning weeks from the last 7
I seem to be finding some consistency on the small stakes mtt's without quite getting a win to boost the funds in to 4 figures.
Haven't played live for a while, been a bit busy on the job front etc, but hopefully there will be a few home games worth playing in Gibraltar with all the online gaming companies based there.
Ive also been playing Befairs daily dollar LOQ qualifier, with a chance to win a major live game package for 70p
Made my usual contribution to charity by entering the Betfair Flashmob tourny on sunday night and flopping out in last place as my QQ was beat by AQ and a river Ace

Saturday, February 04, 2006

An eventful couple of weeks

I haven't had time to update the blog for a couple of weeks as I've been pretty busy with other stuff, haven't played too much poker either.
I had a trip to China lined up with work, and was looking forward to that but it now looks as if we wont be going.
Also made some progress towards getting another job. Ive been looking for some time to get a job with an online gaming company, preferably in Gibraltar.
I lived in Gib for a couple of years in the 1980's and fancy going back, so does the wife.
Anyway, to cut a long story short, Im off to Gib for a szecond interview next week so its fingers crossed time.
Back to the poker, and I had a final table finish in the 8pm £2.25 mtt on Betfair on Monday 23rd Jan, finishing 9th of 567 for a return of £22.68, never came near the money for the rest of the week until the replayed Party Poker £50k freeroll on Sunday, where I managed 92nd out of 2711 for £30, was a bit disapointed really as I had been in the top ten for most of the later stages before I had KK beaten twice when all in pre-flop versus 55 then 88, this left me very short stacked and I had to take a gamble with a small pocket pair against the chip leader and that was that, finished the week with a small profit of £30.
I've only managed 4 games this week, Mon Tues and Wed in the 8pm £2.25 mtt on Betfair and the Saturday freeroll on William Hills. I made the money in all four which was pleasing, but made a total profit of only £6.92 which is not so good. Still I'm showing some consistency, which is not easy in the small stakes games. I feel like Im playing pretty well, if only ABC poker.
After a good consistent performance through the week, I played 5 mtt on sunday including the £4k Gtd on Betfair and the Flashmob game, without cashing, made up for it however with a final table on my first ever sixpak mtt finishing 5th of 450 for a £45 payout which was a little disappointing given that I was chip leader on the final table until my pocket Tens ran into Pocket Jacks. Ah well, thats Poker, I will definately be playing some more sixpaks though.