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Saturday, February 04, 2006

An eventful couple of weeks

I haven't had time to update the blog for a couple of weeks as I've been pretty busy with other stuff, haven't played too much poker either.
I had a trip to China lined up with work, and was looking forward to that but it now looks as if we wont be going.
Also made some progress towards getting another job. Ive been looking for some time to get a job with an online gaming company, preferably in Gibraltar.
I lived in Gib for a couple of years in the 1980's and fancy going back, so does the wife.
Anyway, to cut a long story short, Im off to Gib for a szecond interview next week so its fingers crossed time.
Back to the poker, and I had a final table finish in the 8pm £2.25 mtt on Betfair on Monday 23rd Jan, finishing 9th of 567 for a return of £22.68, never came near the money for the rest of the week until the replayed Party Poker £50k freeroll on Sunday, where I managed 92nd out of 2711 for £30, was a bit disapointed really as I had been in the top ten for most of the later stages before I had KK beaten twice when all in pre-flop versus 55 then 88, this left me very short stacked and I had to take a gamble with a small pocket pair against the chip leader and that was that, finished the week with a small profit of £30.
I've only managed 4 games this week, Mon Tues and Wed in the 8pm £2.25 mtt on Betfair and the Saturday freeroll on William Hills. I made the money in all four which was pleasing, but made a total profit of only £6.92 which is not so good. Still I'm showing some consistency, which is not easy in the small stakes games. I feel like Im playing pretty well, if only ABC poker.
After a good consistent performance through the week, I played 5 mtt on sunday including the £4k Gtd on Betfair and the Flashmob game, without cashing, made up for it however with a final table on my first ever sixpak mtt finishing 5th of 450 for a £45 payout which was a little disappointing given that I was chip leader on the final table until my pocket Tens ran into Pocket Jacks. Ah well, thats Poker, I will definately be playing some more sixpaks though.

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