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Friday, February 24, 2006

An MTT Win

Nice win on Thursday nights 8pm £2 mtt on Betfair, beat a field of 525 for first place and over £250 in prize money to take poker profit into 4 figures for the first time.
Pretty uneventful win really, got lucky early on when an opponent slow played Pocket Rockets for long enough for my KQo to develop into Trip Kings and still called the big river bet.
Caught an all in bluffer with an inspired (or totally fishy) call with middle pair, and never really got into any trouble after that. Final table was pretty loose and cut each others throats, I played tight and aggresive (just like the books say) and got paid off to reach the last three with pretty even stacks. Allways felt in control and won when my 77 stood up against KJo heads up.
Thanks to Wyld/JohnTerry26 for all his support during the tourney which kept me on an even keel throughout.
Have played the Daily Dollar LOQ most nights, with a 5th place on Wedneday being the closest I've come to qualifying for the weekly final. Seems to me to be plenty of value in this tournament, with the chance to play in the wsop for less than a quid.
Feeling pretty confident about my mtt play in these low stakes tournaments now, I've proved over time that I can consistently make a profit and the confidence is now evident in my play.
Long may it continue


wyld said...

great result mate, a very consistent performer, keep it up

Xaarcasm said...

Well played Redcar.

I watched it from the final table onwards, as I'd finished my poker games for the day.

Always nice to see a fellow flashmobber win a decent prize.

All the best with the new job.

dibble said...

congrats on the win mate - nice one!


Andy Cairns said...

nice result redcar, best you reinvest some in sundays flashmob game, all donations gratefully received

Doob said...

Very well done. Sorry know I'm a bit late with my congratulations but haven't read these blogs for a while.

And good luck in Gibraltar.

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