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Wednesday, January 04, 2006

End of year results

Made a loss of around £30 in the last week of 2005 for a total profit for the year of £712.94
Made the money in the 3pm 50 euro added on Betfair, Monday and also made the money in the £3k Gtd on Monday evening to get 2006 off to a good start.
Its good to see so many of the low stakes players taking the plunge into Blog-ville, Im happy to link to as many as possible, and I wish you all the very best in both the poker and the blogging.I guess its the time of year to set out targets for the year so here goes.

  • A little obvious I suppose, but I want to make a profit overall for 2006 and in excess of this years total lets aim for £200 per month £2400 for the year, enough to pay for a holiday

  • To win one of the evening guaranteed mtt's on Betfair the £3k would be a start

  • To progress my cash game, and to make an overall profit on cash games over the year

  • To make the final table in a live game at the Casino at Teesside Park by the middle of the year and a top 3 finish by the end of the year

  • To play and qualify from sattelites for the £10k or £15k Gtd on Betfair and to make the final table on one of them

  • To win a big mtt on Partypoker, I like the $2 mtt at 2.45 pm but unfortunately, work does not allow me to play it too often, or maybe the $5 rebuy with a huge prize fund

Well thats all down for prosperity, so lets see how I'm doing this time next year. To be honest, I sometimes think that this years winnings are all down to beginners luck, which will run out anytime soon. At other times I think maybe I can play, and with a bigger bankroll, or a gamblers outlook, I could take on the 'big boys'. Well the next twelve months will show which one is true, if I can make a profit for two succesive years, It will certainly boost my confidence, and hopefully make me a better player.

Happy New Year Bloggers

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