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Friday, October 06, 2006

Discipline.......Thats whats needed

Things are still not going too well, but I've at least decided to spare you any more bad beat hand histories.
Tried to stick to my plan for the week to play low stakes stuff until my luck improves, and did pretty well until tonight when I played the $5k Gtd by buying in after failing in the last gasp thunder satellite.
As it happened I made the money finishing in 19th out of 191 for a small profit, but had to survive a blow in level 2 when I called a pre-flop all in from a player who had lost half his stack the previous hand. He showed A6o vesus my KK and of course hit an ace on the flop.
I recovered and played pretty safe to try to limp into the last 20 and a pay day.
It didn't quite work out like that, however, On the bubble I was dealt AsQs utg+1.
I let the clock run down, hoping someone on another table was all in ahead of me before pushing my chips in, I got a caller with AhQh and when the flop showed 2 Hearts and a Spade, I feared the worst, turn was another spade, and as I chanted "spade spade spade" and my opponent yelled "heart heart heart", a club fell and we split the pot.
Next hand and first to act I had pocket 66, still in 19th place out of the remaining 21, and with the blinds approaching, I again let the clock run down before pushing all in. This time it was folded round to me and I was happy to take the blinds and antes. After tha hand, my AQ opponenet from the previous hand told me he had folded AcQc to my all in raise with the sixes.
After that the small stack on another table fell and I was in the money. Within a couple of hands I was calling a pre-flop all in and subsequent call with AK, running into KK and AJ, I didn't improve and that was that, no real complaints.
It seems that KK is unlucky for me at the moment, if Im not getting my Cowboys beat, Im getting beat by them.
On another note I would urge anyone needing a laugh to read the blog entry "Holding the Nuts" in The Wasters blog, link on right. It is the funniest thing I have seen on a blog in a long time.
As always, thanks for reading, I'll try to keep thing s a bit more upbeat in future and stay away from the bad beat hand histories for as long as possible.

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TheWaster said...

Cheers for the plug fella - glad you were entertained. Meantime, I thank you for the rest from the page-long hand histories! My eyes... they bleed!