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Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Another mtt win

Hot on the heels of my win in the 50 eoro added, I win another mtt, this time a $10 buy in on Paradise for $182
Missed the flop a couple of times after raising in the early stages to drop down to around 500 chips, but staged a recovery to get to average chip stack by the first break.
Played pretty well (though I do say so myself) for the next hour and arrived on the final table as chip leader.
Stayed as chip leader or fairly near for most of the final table and eventually there's three of us, all pretty level on about 35k each with the blinds at 600/1200
One guy was pretty aggressive so it was just a matter of waiting for the hands to re-raise with. He took chips from the other player, and I nicked them from him.
Eventually he took out the third place finisher and we were heads up with me on about 25k of 100k.
I played pretty well heads up folding crap and raising big whenever I had a hand, eventually I raised all in with KT, Q5, JJ then AK in succesion before he called with K8 to give me the chip lead.
10 minutes later I won, can't remember the hand very well but I raised all in with KT I think, he called with K7 and that was that.
A very satisfying win, my first on Paradise and my second in two days.
This PMA really has something going for it.
Gave a little back in the Betfair £4k Gtd and the 8pm £2.25 MTT but overall a pretty good weekend.


Xaarcasm said...

Well done redcar.

wyld said...

Well Done Ian, 2 Good Results, must be running well ;-)

hahaha, jokin, wp

Wildcat said...

Well done, keep it up!

Anonymous said...

nice one redcar. How do you find Paradise poker? nice place to play?

Redcar said...

The stt's on Paradise can be very tight indeed, but the mtt's seem to attract more loonies. Avoid the quickies and turbos, and the multis are beatable using ABC poker

dibble said...

2nd best blogger in cyberspace...

wd mate!