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Thursday, December 14, 2006

So near yet so far

Thats the story of the week this week, I always seem to be able to get past the first break, but as we creep towards the bubble, I always seem to find the wrong spot to gamble.
Im either unlucky and get outdrawn by a muppet caling with rags or I run into a monster.
It cant all be down to bad luck though, I must be doing something wrong. Im still having problems with mid pocket pairs, after two orbits of folding I always want to raise with them in any position. The problem then comes, after raising to 600 I think Im good on any flop but AKQ.
Especially out of position, any meaningful bet seems to get me pot commited and even if I'm ahead I end up losing.
I guess I'll just have to fold em in early position, and risk the death of a thousand cuts that is blinding out, Im trying to be more aggressive though and this does go against the grain.
Maybe I need to be more aggressive earlier on in the tournament to build a big enough stack to ride out losing a few pots later on.
I guess the truth is, there are so many bad players, even in the later stages of mtt's that its very difficult to read anyone.
Just because he called with 5 limpers before him, doesn't mean he can't hold pocket Jacks, and that big raise under the gun doesn't necessarily mean he has a PP or a Big Ace, sometimes you just have to put you tournie life on the line, and take the rough with the smooth

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