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Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Running Bad

Im in the middle of one of those runs which makes you wonder why you bother with poker at all.
Yesterday I played 8 STT's and didn't make the money in any of them, in fact I think that I only actually increaded my chip stack beyond the original 1000 in one game.
I cant win a pot, never mind a tournament.
I have had AK run into AA, JJ into AA had AA busted by 44, it would be funny if it wasn't costing me money.
I keep thinking that my luck will turn soon, but it hasn't happened yet.
I played the challenge team Betfair tournament last night, had AQ on a Q high flop, pushed all in, only to run into AA again.
As I am typing this I have had top two pair beaten by a fish on a flush draw hitting on the river and top pair beaten by middle pair making trips on the river.
I think its time to follow my own advise and take a few days off from poker.
Work has a staff invitational freeroll on boxing day so maybe I'll sit out until then, see if I can come back refreshed

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