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Friday, December 08, 2006

Dont play turbo Sats !

I know I should avoid them like the plague, but I've fell into the trap of trying to qualify for decent tournaments via turbo structured sats. Its a recipe for disaster.
I have been playing the $2.5k Gtd and the $4k Gtd on Crypto recently at my new standard buy in of $25, I will also play the £4k Gtd if I can play earlier in the evening.
Im playing almost exclusively on MTT's at the moment, I've played 124 MTT's and only 4 STT's since October, and I have just about given up completely on cash games.
Crypto is my online poker room of choice since Betfair shot itself in the foot with the Pokerchamps "upgrade".
I still venture onto Betfair now and again, due to some misplaced sense of loyalty, but the delays between hands are a real pain in the ar$e and single tabling is therefore not an option.
My live game is on hold also, the only venue for live poker on the rock is the Casino, which is now booked up for Xmas parties for the rest of the year.
I seem to have developed a habit of finishing in third place in MTT's having finished there for my last three paid finishes.
I have gone out to some pretty unlucky hand though, trapping with the nut flush, only for the board to pair on the river to give opponent a full house in the most recent demise.
The previous beat was when limping from the BB with T6, the flop is JT6 and after I check, the button is all in with QJ, turn and river are both Kings to give him a bigger two pair.
All in all I'm pretty happy with the way Im playing, have to fight the urge to push too hard when I start to get bored and keep looking for value added tournaments with slow structures.
And above all, repeat after me......" I must not play Turbo sats for tournaments"

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Xaarcasm said...

You must not play thunder bingo.