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Saturday, September 23, 2006

I have seen the future !

I have seen the future of online gaming.............

..........and contrary to popular belief its not pokerchamps, nor is it PKR poker with its chip riffling tricks and playstation graphics.


I played my first ever game on Tuesday after opening a play money account with Gammon Empire, by Friday I had played $100 up to $300 and earned a $20 real money bonus, so I have now had two whole days playing for real money, albeit only for a dollar a game, and I'm completely addicted.
I may even decide to be backgammon world champion instead of WSOP main event winner if this keeps up.

I think though it may be very difficult to beat the rake, the explanation of rake contribution on the site is confusing to say the least. It says the max rake is 5%, but every time I win a dollar I only get 86 cents, thats about 14% by my calculations.

I'm still showing a very small profit after around 40 games, but those dice are more frustrating than having your pocket aces rivered by a lunatic with 72 off suit
It does keep you coming back for more though, updating the blog is the longest time I've spent awake without playing backgammon all week.
If anyone reading this also plays for small stakes, perhaps you could advise which are the best sites, lowest rake etc.

Incedently, if anyone is reading this on Saturday afternoon, there is a great value poker tournament on Mansion at 20:30 GMT tonight with a $50 entry and extra bonuses tied in with the Ryder cup, $500 per point diference in the final scores and extra cash for knocking out the hosts. At the present time there are only 11 people entered and two of them are the hosts, so if you have a mansion account, fill your boots.

Good Luck

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