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Monday, August 21, 2006

No Poker

Well it seems I'm a bit overdue for an update, but I haven't actually played any poker for a couple of weeks now.
I've been on holiday from work, and to be honest I've been too busy to play. I've had a few days out in Spain and a trip across to Tangiers in Morocco.
Tangiers was a bit of an eye opener, I went with my wife and youngest daughter on an organised tour, which I cant say I would recommend to anyone. I think we would have been better off on our own, which is what I would do next time we visit. I would also like to see a bit more of Morocco, maybe Casablanca and Marrakesh, I think forming an opinion of Moroco on a trip to Tangiers is like formimg an opinion on England on the basis of a day in Portsmouth.
We had a day out in Spain to a little town called Ronda, this is one of the pueblos blancos, or white towns of Andalucia. The town is split by a huge gorge, El Tajo, and we had lunch in a small restaurant over looking the gorge with its 130 metre drop and spectacular scenery.
What has surprised me most since moving to Gibraltar, is the beauty of some of the surrounding countryside over the border in Spain. Not the fish n chips and british beer of the Costa del Sol, but the Costa de la Luz, Tarifa and Cadiz, and also the mountains inland and the National Park, Los Alcornocales.
Well, the holiday is over soon, and ts back to work on Wednesday, and the hire car also goes back so I will be playing some more poker to get the blog back on topic, so until the next update, good luck on the tables.


Andy Cairns said...

"a little town called Ronda"

isnt that in wales mate? ;)

nice to see you back blogging and hope you have enjoyed your holidays

O said...

Welcome Back


Highstack said...

Fish and chips and beer in the Costa - I have seen the future! :-)

steviep said...

nice one m8.
was wondering where you had went.
costa del luz is my particualr fav place...tarifa is where i like ..although a bit windy!!!
estapona isnt too bad and close..although any further up the coast and forget about it.
so gald to hear you and the family are having a good time and i hope u are starting to settle.