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Sunday, August 27, 2006

Another Final Table

I made another final table tonight, in my favourite late night tournament, the $5k Gtd on Betfair.
Fairly steady away in the early stages, but manged to stay in touch by virtue of hitting the flop from my BB on a couple of occaisions to win a couple of decent pots I wouldn't have contested from any other position, and made it to the break in mid position with about average chips.
Nothing much after the break except QQ on my BB which I duly raised, only to see the whole table (5 limpers) fold it back to me.
Had the pleasure of fellow Flashmobber, Brabzinho on my table for a while, and briefly DaJazzMan also before he moved tables again.
Limped past the bubble in 19th with 20 to pay, had a couple of hands hold up to get into a decent position, then after a good call with ATs against an attempted steal by the button with A8o was outdrawn with an 8 on the river was back in the cellar.
Just about scraped onto the final table but then won a couple of pots to get back to about 5th, where I sat for 20 minutes letting the blinds slowly kill me.
Raised in early position with Ac8c but had to fold to a re-raise and an all in Re-Reraise, then had to watch as 3 clubs hit the board.
Eventually went out in 7th position for $200, after, short-stacked, I defended my BB with Th7h against what I though was an attempted steal, but was infact KK.
But still, two final tables out of three attempts in this tournie in the last few days give cause for optimism for a second win to boost the bankroll, and after all $200 is not to be sneezed at.

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