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Sunday, August 06, 2006

The nearly man

My recent strategy of playing more live games, less online and at higher stakes than previously, seems at first glance to be pretty unsuccessful, however I feel positive about my game at the moment and Im sure a decent payday is just around the corner.
Played in the Betfair $5k Gtd tournament three times last week, qualifying via sattelite on two occaisions, made the money just once for $50, but overall felt I played well and was a little unlucky not to have done better.
Also played live on Thursday in a £20 rebuy, where I never saw a flop for the whole of the first hour until the rebuy period ended, hit a couple of hands after the rebuy, and despite my rock like image managed to get some action and built my stack up to around average by the time we went to two tables. Thats when my recent bad luck continued, not really a bad beat but a little unfortunate I thought. Dealt 57o on the big blind and with no pre-flop raise, I limped in to see the flop, which was a very welcome 57J rainbow, SB checked, I raise to 3 x BB (3000 chips) The original limper calls, SB is all in for 3500, and obviously we both call. Flop is Kh leaving two hearts on the board so I push all in for about another 4k, Opponent calls with Kh9h Top pair and a flush draw, and hits his 9 on the river for two bigger pair to send me home.
Have had a couple of days off poker since, as I've not been feeling too great, have a couple of weeks off work coming up also so I may not get to update as often as I would like, as Im sure I'll be busy exploring southern spain.
You may also notice a new addition to the blog in the form of a site meter logging the number of hits on the site, I was pleased and quite surpised to see hits from USA, Canada, Singapore and the Czech Republic as well as UK, Gibraltar and Spain.


GatDacor said...

Czech Republic that would be me, no idea where I got your blog link from but its good to see other peoples exp playing poker, esp as im having a break for a while as it was starting to take over
Im actually from the UK but working out here in Prague.
Play as Oskar/Aleator on befair, all the best.

Highstack said...

'I was pleased and quite surpised to see hits from USA, Canada, Singapore and the Czech Republic as well as UK, Gibraltar and Spain'

How can you have missed the mighty Warwick from that list? :-)

Ukgatsby said...

Shows how the world is closer thanks to the net. I have my obvious hits from Newcastle, Uk, Europe and even the states but i also had hits from Iran.