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Tuesday, November 15, 2005

A profitable week

Well, the first weeks over since I started the blog so I guess I have to publish the P & L so far
I had a poor week from Monday Through Thursday losing £40, but a second in Betfairs 8.30pm £2 mtt netted me £100 and a second again in Betfairs 6.00pm 50 Euro added mtt paid out £50 so a total profit for the week of £105.
Im setting a weekly target now of £50 so Ive got something to aim for. If I can lift my bankroll to a position where I can play at higher levels, I will readdress this, but if I can make the £50 per week, it will at least pay for a holiday.
I feel Ive played pretty well recently, my confidence is high and I havent played too many games so my concentration has been better.
More next week

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