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Monday, November 28, 2005

Mixed fortune

Well two weeks since I last posted, with mixed fortune
week ending 20th November I had a good week, won my first ever 'pay to enter' mtt on Saturday afternoon, closely followed by my second on Saturday night, this poker game is easy isn't it ?
Ended the week with a profit of over £140 so doing well towards my £50 per week target
Week ending 27th didn't go so good, cold decked all week and out of the money until Sunday, second in a £5 stt was my best result of the week and 3rd in the Betfair flashmob tourney for £18 saved a bigger loss on the week than the £30 I eventually ended down for the week
Ah well, tomorrows another day
I think next week Im going to play in the £3k Gtd £10mtt on Betfair rather than the £2 multis I have been playing, maybe I'll have more luck.
If any Betfair forumites read this, I hope you enjoy reading it, if not well don't come back, lol. My main reason for writing is to get things down to try to help my game improve, so pardon me if its not as entertaining as some.
I would also encourage anyone reading this to get their own Blog, it may help your game too, if you do, send me the address, good luck.


Andy Cairns said...

Had a good read Redcar and decided to take the plunge, I have created my blog at

I have also put a link up on the right hand side to your blog.

Robert Taylor said...

Nice blog, gl with the games