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Thursday, November 23, 2006

Mid Pocket Pairs

I managed to get myself in a lot of trouble overplaying mid-ranking pocket pairs this week.
Crashed out of the Payday tournament on UKBetting on Sunday night with 88.
Raised Pre-flop and got one caller, flop was Qxx opponent checked it to me so I checked also, turn card was another rag, he checks again, so I make a play for it with a pot size bet and get reraised, I should just bow out here, but instead I managed to covince myself he was bluffing and push all in, he has QQ and I'm out.
Impatience seems to be a recurring theme, I used to think I was a decent mtt player at low stakes, but it seems like I've forgotton all about patience, in my attempts to be more aggressive, I have to go back to basics.
I did a similar move in the £4k Gtd earlier this week against Dibble, raised pre-flop with 88 only to be reraised by Dibble, now I like to think I give him credit for a big pair here , but he types in AA ? and for some reason I think hes also on a bluff, hes not and again has QQ, I rivered the straight to all but knock him out (Sorry mate).
I did the same again last night with 99 limp utg and get raised by the button, I decide instead of folding or calling to push all in, and he calls with AQ (not the best call in the world), anyway, he hits a Q on the flop and Im out again.
I have to get some patience back into my game. Aggression is all well and good, but I have to learn how to pick my spot a bit better than I am currently

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