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Thursday, November 16, 2006

Bubble Boy

I haven't played online much for the last week or so, travelling over to the UK for a family function at the weekend.
Returned to Gib in time for the £100 freeze-out at the casino on Wednesday night, my biggest ever live buy-in.
I enjoy the freeze-out tournaments rather than the usual rebuy frenzy, even if £100 is somewhat outside my normal stakes, with 5000 starting chips and a slower structure, it gives time to play some poker without the usual lunatic rebuys every other hand.
I never really had a good starting hand early on, managed to pinch a few blinds and nick some pots from the BB before doubling up just before the break when I raised into the chip leader with AdTd, only to get reraised. The re-raise told me I was behind, but I called to see the flop of 3 rags with 2 diamonds, I pushed on the nut flush draw, my opponent showed pocket Kings, but I was lucky enough to catch a diamond and win the pot.
After the break, I had a run of decent cards and built my stack up to around 30k and pretty near the chip lead for the tournament.
Then I moved tables and was completely card dead for about an hour and a half before the final table formed at about 1.00 am.
I was one of about 4 short stacks on the final table with 6 to get paid so I had to make a move before the blinds got me.
I thought my time had come with AKo utg and raised to 3 x BB, it was folded round to the table short stack on the BB who reraised all in. I quickly called, and he flipped over AA, Whoops !
My luck held however when 4 diamonds on the board gave me the nut flush and the pot.
We were soon down to seven remaining, and with six to get paid, the table tightened up. I decided to try and take advantage of this and raised from mid-position with Qc8c, only to get a call from the 2nd chip leader from the BB. The flop was 6c 7c 7s so when it was checked to me, I pushed my luck with a flush draw again by going all in, only to be called by trip sevens. For once my luck ran out and I busted out in 7th, qualifying for a free smoothie from Joost in Main Street as the bubble boy, at £100 its probably the most expensive "free" smoothie I'll ever have so I better enjoy it !

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