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Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Higher Stakes (Part 3)

I've been playing in a couple of higher stakes tournaments on Crypto this week, and while I haven't made the money yet, I haven't felt out of place in them either.
There are certainly less crazy calls and less fishing with draws, but there is also more respect for raises and people actually realise what you are representing when you make a move, instaed of the "call regardless with any pair" attitude which exists on the low stakes mtts.
Having said only yesterday that I would avoid the thunder format satellites for the AWF tournaments on Crypto, I did the opposite and qualified for the $100 + $9 $4k added on Monday night at the first attempt.
I was delayed on Tuesday night so played the satellite for the $50 + $5 $3k added instead and again qualified at the first attempt, so two decent value tournaments for a total stake of around 12 quid and a return to form in the satellites even in thunder format.
I had a decent run in the $4k added, spotted the fish at the table early on and watched as he inevitably built up a big stack by hitting everything in sight. He even won one pot when his overpair v two pair (all in on the flop) paired the board on the turn to give him another double up, and as the chips slid over towards him typed in chat "That was confusing" lol, I don't believe he even realised he had won the pot.
He raised me off two pots when I limped in with Ax suited as I tried to pick my spot while watching him donk off chips in all directions. I eventually found JJ on my BB and as he did his usual pre-flop raise, I pushed all in confidently expecting him to call with Ace Rag or a lower pair, and call he does..........and then he flips over Pocket Rockets.
That did for half of my chips and two outdraws later I was out in 71st of 231, but a good experience in my highest value mtt to date.
The $3k added on Tuesday was less enjoyable, never really got going, lost half my stack with AJ on a board of KKKxx v JJ and went out soon after defending my BB with KT v AJ, just before the first break. I did however have the honour of the famous Azimut on my table for half an hour, without ever getting in a pot against him

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