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Saturday, July 22, 2006

Playing Live

Apologies for the lack of updates, I never realised I had so many readers !
Thanks for taking the time to look and I'll try to keep up to date in future.
Haven't played too much online since the win in the $5k, but did manage another money finish at Gib casino on wednesday 19/7/06, finishing second of 19 in a £50 freeze out tournament for £216.
The usual format for the weekly games at the casino is £20 rebuy with 1500 chips, this time, because of lack of players we had a £50 freezeout with 5000 starting chips, a much better format imo.
In fact I was unfortunate not to win, All in pre-flop with AJo v A6o Jack of Diamonds on the flop looked good until 3 more diamonds in quick succession gave my opponent a flush.
Details are at if anyone is interested, including video footage of the last hand as it played out (all very high-tech from a mobile phone)

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