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Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Not much luck

well, seeing as I got lambasted for the lack of updates, I decided I better update again.
Not too much to report really, played a bit more online, this week with no notable success.
I have been playing a little on Virgin recently, I find the standard of play on there pretty poor at the $5 $10 $20 level, so its just a matter of ABC poker and wait for a monster as there is always someone to pay you off.
Still pursuing another win in Betfairs 01:00 am $5k Gtd, have gone out just shy of a payday a few times this week, but overall I think my play is prety good, confidence is high and a good win is, Im sure, just around the corner.
I will probably play live again tomorrow night at the casino here in Gib, will be my last chance for a while as work commitments will prevent me from playing for a couple of weeks after this.
Hopefully numbers will be low and we will play a £50 freeze out like last week, as opposed to the usual £20 re-buy. The format for the freeze out is miles better imo, I've almost a mind not to play if its a re-buy, but once you get there its hard to walk out without playing.
Well if you'll excuse the short posting, thats all for now.
See you next time

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