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Saturday, July 18, 2009

Vegas Baby !

Well, its been a week since I arrived back from Vegas, and I'm still feeling a little jet-lagged, it was my first time, but I hope it won't be my last.
I travelled courtesy of Mansion Poker to look after the online qualifiers for the WSOP main event, and while in theory that made it a business trip, its hard not to have fun in Vegas, even if you are working.
Craig and I managed to find time to play a few low stakes tournaments and also got involved in the $1/$2 cash games.
I managed a second place in a $70 freezeout at the Mandaly Bay, and Craig went one better, wining a $65 freezeout at Ballys and taking 2nd place in the same tournament two days later.
My cash game was showing a decent profit in the early part of the week I dropped a buy in first hand in a $1/$2 cash game at the Mandalay Bay, dealt KK I reraised from $8 to $25 with one caller, the flop was Q high with no stright or flush draw and we ended up all in before the turn, only for my opponent to show QQ for a flopped set, I did recover a few hands later, again with KK on a flop of KK5, another 5 on the flop gave my opponent a Full house, but my quad kings won the pot and also a 'high hand bonus' of $114 which amounted to about $79 after tax
Then two disasterous hands at the Venetian dropped me two buy ins in quick sucession.
First up I checked my option on the BB in a multi-way limped pot with 8h 9h and saw a flop of T J Q rainbow, with no pre-flop raise I figured my hand was pretty much the nuts and bet it as if it was, at showdown my opponent showed AKo, not a good start.
I reloaded and after about an hour of folding I picked up pocket Aces, my big pre-flop raise thinned down the field to one caller and a flop of A K J looked pretty good to me, the chips went in and my opponent tables QT for a made straight :(
Overall, I still showed a profit, and I think if I went again on holiday, without any work distractions I could definately show a profit in what were unexpectedly soft cash games

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alright mate, just had a good read of your blog! could i get a link up of mine please? (A Year In The Life)