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Saturday, July 25, 2009

Back to the Future

Back on Full Tilt cash tables again trying to refind my Mojo this week.
My old faithfull Poker Tracker 2 kinda gave up the ghost after FTP's recent upgrade, or to be more accurate, the Poker Ace Hud did.
PT Forum gave me a patch to ensure I could still download the HH's bt the HUD didn't work and I guess with PT3 having a built in HUD it wasn't a priority to sort out so I decided to bite the bullet and upgrade.
I am a bit of a Luddite in this respect, I find that every time I have some new software its nothing but trouble until it all eventualy gets sorted out, which is why I never upgraded to PT3 before.
I've had PT2 for ages so its value against the upgrade wasn't worth much and Players whos opinion I respect have told me Holdem Manager was better, so instead of PT3 I opted for Holdem manager.
Anyway, with the new software installed, I'm back on the cash tables. With my FTP Bankroll down under $700 I decided I really had to drop down to 50NL instead of the 100NL I had been playing, I had a little success but couldn't really take it too serious after playing at 100NL so I went back to the 50c/$1 tables and as I write this I'm up abut one buy in today, only 6 more to go to break even :)
There's a new weekly tournament just up the coast at San Roque casino on saturday nights, a work mate Fabio won last weeks €50 rebuy, and not only did he win, he did it without any rebuys and without the add on, well done Fabio.
It was a €50 buy in again this week with just one rebuy or add on available, I was tempted to go up and play but decided to keep my powder dry till next weeks €100 freezeout.
In the meantime I have been playing online qualifiers on FTP for the Poker Series Espana event 2 in Malaga. This is a €1500 + €150 buy in event so I'm trying to satellite in on the cheap, with the extra bonus that there is a €3000 package and I can drive there in an hour so if I do qualify I will have the cash bonus to spend on anything I want, maybe even go back to Vegas on holiday :)

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