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Saturday, March 14, 2009

A quick poker update

I haven't really played a lot since I last updated, even though it was six months ago.
I have moved up from 25c/50c and can usually be found playing 50c/$1 these days.
Most of my cash play is still on full Tilt because thats the only site I get rakeback on, I find it hard to concentrate and play seriously on other sites, though I do dabble a bit.

The graph shows my first 2000 hands at 50c/$1, which I know is nowhere near enough hands to be significant, but I'm at least heading in the right direction.The problem these days is finding time to play, we're very busy at work, since the move to i-Poker the player numbers on Mansion have soared, the i-Poker network offers great liquidity and things have been going really well.Add to the long work hours, the fact that I've been trying to go to the gym regularly and I dont have much time for poker except at weekends
Maybe its just as well, play less hands, try to enjoy it more and hopefully keep in profit.

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