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Friday, March 13, 2009

Marathon Man

I haven't updated for quite a while, mainly because I haven't played much recently, but thought I'd post a funny story unrelated to poker.
Working for a gaming company, a lot of people at work like a bet
The title refers to a mate at work, Craig, who seemed to be terminally unlucky, we have a routine of going to a local resteraunt for lunch every friday, and flipping a coin for the bill, it started with just three of us and has now escalated to six.
Craig joined three weeks ago and promptly lost his first two coin flips and ended up paying twice on the trot, just when he was skint after having forked out two months rent on his new flat.
Craig will bet on anything, he and his former flatmate use to offer each other odds on what would be the first advert on tv in each break
Dan bet Craig £100 that he couldn't run 20 km on a treadmill in the gym next door after work on thursday, Craig accepted the bet despite conditions meaning he had to maintain a minimum speed of 8.5km/h throughout.
A former work mate, Tim who now works for a rival company in the same building took the opinion that it was impossible for Craig to complete the 20km, as did most other people at work, the difference is that Tim was willing to back his opinion with cold hard cash.
To cut a long story short, Tim took on half of Dans bet, gave me odds of 2/1 against his next losing 'friday flip' and laid Mike £20 also at 2/1, he was so confident of success, he even offered Craig a freeroll for his next flip, for a total of around £180.
So Thursday after work, Craig, Dan and myself trooped into the gym to see Craigs attempt at an indoor half marathon, half a km in Craig said to me "this is easy at this speed" (8.5km/h) "our money is safe".
He was as good as his word, the biggest danger to him completing was when I tripped Dan and he almost knocked Craig off the treadmill. Two hours and twenty minutes later the 20km was done and dusted.
In fact he was so confident he offered Dan double or quits on his £50 to run another 10km for a total of 30km, this was politely declined
Mike had the pleasure of telling Tim the morning after, as he put it "Cost to Tim £180, seeing the look on his face when he found out the result, priceless"
Well for a perfect end to the story, Tim would have also lost todays 'friday flip', but another former workmate, Cathy joined us for lunch and wanted in on the action, despite have gone home for lunch all week, to save money, the newcomers jinx struck again and Cathy lost the flip and picked up the £41 bill. The look on her face, was a picture, I'm still not sure she has seen the funny side of it yet.


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Anonymous said...

yes i STILL dont see the funny side Wylie and doubt i will til pay day at least.
So sick of sandwiches it's not even funny :(