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Monday, June 12, 2006

The World Cup

Well, the world cup has finally started, and my plan to watch every match live has been assisted by work installing a large plasma tv in the office.
Work commitments and the world cup have curtailed my poker for the last week or so, which is just as well as I have been losing steadily on the low stakes cash tables.
I wish I was able to take advantage of some of the offers on Mansion, with free world cup tickets, $40 for being dealt pocket 66 and this the chance to play Phil Ivey, Chris Ferguson, Daniel Negreanu et al for a million dollars with tuition and advice from the pros.
This blog is turning into a bit of an advert for Mansion recently, but I cant emphasise enough the value available on the Mansion site at the minute, while player numbers are low, and bonuses and added value are everywhere.
My family fly out to Gibraltar to join me a three weeks time, so things will get back to more like normal then, and we can all settle down to enjoy the summer sunshine.

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