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Sunday, December 18, 2005

Back to basics

I've been reading a lot of poker blogs this week and it is interesting to note that even the top, high stakes guys have the same problems as me.
Outdraws, inconsistency, alcohol, fish drawing out on you even when you take away their odds to do so. They aren't just limited to low stakes tournies.
Flush draws have killed me this week. Its so frustrating when you read your opponnent correctly for a flush draw, push all your chips in just to deny him the odds to call, only for him to call anyway, and then hit, to dump you out. I'm starting to lose count of how many time this has happened this weekend. Yesterday it was a call after the turn getting 6/4 for his flush draw v my two pair, the latest was all in pre-flop with Qd Qh v Ac7c v TsJc flop Qc5s3s turn and river both spades to give the numpty who called 2 all ins with TJo a flush and all my chips.
I even crashed out of the 'Challenge team Betfair tournie' when my A high straight v 2 pair made a full house on the river. This game can be cruel at times.
I've had to dip back into Sklanskys books this week to remind myself just to make the play with the best EV and not to dwell on past results, after all its the fish who draw to their flush getting 6/4 on the river that will pay you in the long term. It does seem that these kind of outdraws come in streaks, where good luck only seems to come in isolated instances. I guess its because if you play the odds and dont trust to luck as much, you dont get lucky so often.

1 comment:

Doob said...

Thanks for the comments on my blog Red. I think I will get Sklansky with my Christmas money.

And the reason I am now on Blue Square is psychological. I wouldn't play with any confidence on Betfair at the moment after Tuesday.

Anyway it's good to read your blog, keep going.