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Saturday, June 20, 2009

Not much to report

Poker's been up and down recently, mostly down.
I don't want to fill up the blog with bad beats, hence the lack of recent updates.
I have 12,000 hands at 50c/$1 now and that old familiar, "can I actually show a profit" feeling is returning.
I tried dropping back down to 50 NL but to be honest, I cant find the motivation to play at the lower stakes any more, so I guess I'll have to battle on until I either make some money or go Busto.
On a more positive note, I'm off to Vegas a week on thursday with work. We have 10 WSOP qualifiers on Mansion so Craig and I are going over to make sure everyone has a good time.
I'm sure we'll also find some time to play a little poker and have some fun, we're both looking forward to it, roll on July 2nd
The live game is not going too well either, managed to win a little cash a couple of weeks ago, rocking up to the casino a little worse for wear about 11pm, managed to maintain a "drunk and loose" image whilst actually playing pretty tight, and managed a double up with Aces AIPF before staggering off home in the wee small hours, could have been even better as I managed to get all in with a full house on the turn with Q9 on a board of QQ95 against an opponent holding Q4 and he managed to hit one of the remianing two nines on the river for a split pot.
I've been playing the regular sunday evening freezeout without much success, I seem to last just long enough for the blinds to really start to bite and when people have to start making moves, then it seems I always get outdrawn, latest time was with AQ v JT when a jack on the flop did for me, but I suppose as long as I get it in ahead, then its only a matter of time before I cash again.

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