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Thursday, February 28, 2008

Return of the blog

Well, its been a while !

Six months without an update so where do I start ?
Well to be honest I never played at all in September and October, had a complete two month break from poker and I never even missed it.
I returned to the fold in November with a couple of MTT cashes for around $400 each on Pokerroom, 3rd in a $10 mtt and 2nd in a $5 mtt if I remember correctly.
I struggled on playing stt's on Betfair in December for a small loss on the month, stayed on the sit and go's during January without much success and in February I opened a Full Tilt account to play some small stakes cash.
Finally got to see some benefit from my Poker Tracker playing cash games and bought PA HUD to go with it, Its hard to beleive anyone playing cash games seriously can do so without this software. It really is terrific, displaying stats from poker tracker live on the tables showing you details of opponents previous history over however many hands.
Using this I managed to show a (very) small profit on the $0.25/$0.50 cash tables over around 5000 hands, and will be persevering with the cash tables for the forseeable future.
I also managed to win the Mansion staff invitational freeroll last night for a nice payday, doubled up on about the third hand of the tournament with pocket Aces, pushed all in for around 1800 on the turn with two spades on the board to push out any flush draw and was inexplicably called by 66 with three overcards on the board, his 2 outer missed and I got off to a good start, stayed in the top ten or so throughout despite donking off 1300 chips when misclicking and calling a huge river bet with what was obviously a made straight when I meant to fold.
I recovered untill losing a hand with trip 2's v a full house just before the final table and was last of ten going onto the final table.
A couple of well time bluffs and some decent cards when needed helped me build back up, and I eventually won the tournament, bragging rights at work, and a cool £1000 for my troubles.
I'll try to keep the updates a little more regular from now on , not just when I win a freeroll, and hopefully try to stay profitable in the cash games as well as the odd tournament


david santos said...

Excellent page, Redcar!

Wangbu said...

You have a very inspiring blog. I hope you will post frequently.