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Monday, June 04, 2007

A Fresh Start

After a couple of weeks off, I decided to make a fresh start in online poker, forget what has happened so far this year, start with a clean slate and see if I can actually make a profit.
I managed a seventh out of 77 in UKBetting Pokers 1200 Euro Gtd Tournament on Thursday for just over £50 and had a run at $10 and $20 Sit and Go's during the week.
Unfortunately I still cant seem to get back in the swing of STT's I managed a 2nd on sunday afternoon, which was exactly 20 STT's since I last cashed.
Not sure where I am going wrong in these, I seem to either suffer a horrible outdraw or run KK into AA or JJ into QQ.
20 in a row says its not just bad luck, but bad play somewhere along the line, so I'll continue to analyse my play to see if I can find the leak.
I qualified for the $16k Gtd on Betfair via a satellite on Sunday afternoon and was looking forward to playing on Sunday night, things didn't go to plan however.
I managed to win a decent pot early on with K9o in the BB on a 9 high flop against oppo's 9Js.
The table was pretty loose and aggressive so I decided to sit tight early on and see if I could get paid when I did hit a hand.
I thought the hand had come towards the end of level one when I was dealt KK utg, I raised 4 x BB to 80 and the whole table folded except the SB who called, The flop came 7d, 2c, 3d, SB checks so I bet 200 and he calls, turn is 3h, oppo checks again so I bet 600 and he raises to 1200. I can't see that he has hit the flop unless he has 77, maybe he thinks I have AK and hes trying to push me off the pot. I decide his most likely holding is 88/99 or A7 so push all in, he insta-calls and shows 3c4s for trip threes.
This leaves me with around 200 chips and a few minutes later I'm gone.
I would appreciate any advice on the hand above, if anyone feels I played it particularly poorly, maybe I could have let it go to the re-raise on level one ?
Anyway despite this I feel a bit more confident in my play, Im going to target the MTT's a bit more carefully try to play when I'm sure I can give it my full attention, avoid stakes so small that I dont concentrate properly, forget multi-tabling and above all try to enjoy it.
Thanks for reading, and be lucky

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