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Saturday, April 21, 2007

Time to call it a day ?

Regular readers, whom number very few, will have noticed the blog has not been updated for about three weeks.
In fact I have not even played a hand of poker for two complete weeks until yesterday.
Friday night I tried the £4k Gtd on Crypto and went out in three hands when I got unecessarily involved in a 4 way raise-fest with KTon a TJK flop.
Today I played the $10k Gtd on Pokerstars lasting two and a half hours before I reraised pre-flop with 77 while short stacked, pushed all in after my opponent checked a 668 flop, only to be called by AQ (you know the rest)
I also played the $10 deepstack on Pokerstars lasting over 3 hours before my KK was turned over by AQ (all in pre-flop)
Its not much fun at all, I didn't even miss it when I had 2 weeks off, I only played today because it was raining and I was bored.
Looking at my profit graph since I started in Feb 2005 I'm beginning to wonder if I can actually make a profit at thius game at all, 2005's profit was on the back of Betfairs birthday celebrations and the added value tournaments, 2006's profit would have been decimated if not for Mansions staff freeroll which netted me nearly £1k, and this year has been an unmitigated disaster.
Much as I admire the people who can make a steady profit, or even a living from the game, Im starting to realise that I'm not one of them. I'm keen, I'm enthusiastic, but ultimately I dont have the skill of Baretta, Dibble or Gatsby to make a regular profit.
I'm going to have another spell off and see if the enthusiasm returns, but if not, and this seems likely, this will be the end of the blog, at least as a record of my poker achievements.
Thanks for reading, and the best of luck to you all.


steviep said...

take a break redcar.
can i direct you to a link on my blog to planet gong.
read his post about what makes an average player.
i feel the same as you a lot of the time.
my job means that i dont have as much time to play as i used to, what im doing now is playing 2 stts and a cash game of 7 card.
not as time consuming and you can make a steady profit.
i dont play to make money but its good that i do , i play for fun as most do. if over 3 years you are in front your doing something right.

dibble said...

hey redcar... sorry to hear your down on yourself. :(

i second what steviep says but would add that if a break helps - take a break! When I'm having a bad run, i take money I am happy to lose and play like a nutter on the 5c/10c tables. Totally liberating and much fun to be had.

but I'd avoid the deep stacked tournies on stars if you want fun - they are long long games. Perhaps the odd stt might be better suited?

whatever - we need to organise a flashmobbers do vegas. I'm aiming for October time. keep the diary free!

good luck bud

Wildcat said...

Sorry to hear you've been running badly recently, I know how you feel. As has been said, you haven't made a profit in previous years by accident, so take a decent break and come back to it, and remember what you used to do if you've changed anything.

All the best!

Andy Cairns said...

mate, not everyone has to make a living from the game. play the game for the njoyment at whatever levels you can sustain. Play more live too!