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Monday, February 05, 2007

Moving on up

Back to a familiar theme this week, starting a determined attempt to step up a little in my tournament play.
I've decided to give up on the Crypto £4k Gtd, as although the std of play is generally poor, the blind structure turns it into a crap shoot befoe the final table is even reached.
I've turned my attention recently to the $25 Gtd on PokerStars which usually has a total prize pool of between $40k and $50k for a $50 buy in. I havent had much success in it so far, though from the 5 times I have entered, 3 times I have lost with a pocket pair against a smaller pocket pair, in the words of Phil Helmuth 'If it wasn't for luck, I guess I'd win them all'.
The standard of play on Pokerstars does seem better than a lot of other sites, I know it sounds strange, but I think this will help my game, too many idiots playing junk make it very difficult to put anyone on a hand. When a guy calls your 5 x BB raise pre-flop and the flop comes A33, you would assume that unless he has flopped quad threes your AK is ahead, but then they turn over J30 and your out of the tournament.
I've also been playing on Betfair again recently, the $1750 Gtd runs alongside the stars $25k Gtd and I like playing them both simultaneously to help stave off the boredom in the early stages and reduce the temptation to play too many hands.
I've also moved my cash game from stars to Betfair as the cash tables are undoubtably looser and easier to win on, I may try Crypto for cash in Feb as they are giving away up to £100 bonus for earning fpp's on UKBetting poker in Feb.
The year hasn't started too well with no major cashes in tournaments and an overall loss on cash tables, in conjunction with the increased cost of playing the higher value tournaments, but overall, I'm fairly happy with my game.
I think my luck hasn't been great so far and when it turns, I'll be in the money again.


wyld said...

Alrite Ian

I think you're right to stick to higher buy in MTT's. The Crypto £4kGTD with only 10 min levels is no better than the £2 MTT's on crypto. Plenty of sites out there with a good structure that allow for plenty of play, and therefore skill has a larger bearing on the result.

Also its possible to take a good player off a hand in plenty of situations and deeper stacked MTT's allow this, this is not so much of an option on the crypto crapshoots, good luck to you and i'm sure you'll have a big cash soon (you've watched me play long enough, it must have helped your game ;-) )

spk soon


Ukgatsby said...

Hiya Ian,

Keep positive, you have a good game and you will get some good results soon.