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Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Getting back to normal

Things are getting a bit nearer to normal now, I have broadband (or what passes for broadband in Gib) in the flat and I have been playing a bit more online.
I had my first losing week for a while last week, mainly due to playing on Betfairs low stakes cash tables. I cant seem to win on the cash tables no matter what I try, I either get outdrawn or Im up against a monster, I guess a lot is just down to bad luck, but its hard to go into a cash game with any confidence when things are running so bad.
Not much luck playing live either, I played in the weekly £20 rebuy tournament in Gib Casino on Thursday, lasting only 2 hands past the rebuy period before my pocket Queens ran into pocket rockets.
Still its a good night out, plenty of craic and some good company, even if it is over a little sooner than I would have liked.
I had the unexpected priviledge of playing against JPJ, Dubai Millenium and Fishpoo in a $10 STT on Betfair this morning, unfortunately my luck ran true to form and I busted out with top pair versus slow played pocket aces before I could claim a famous scalp to brag about in the flashmob game, maybe we can persuade the illustrious trio to join us in the fllashmob one week soon.
Flying back to England tomorrow for what will be the last time for a while, my wife and youngest daughter will be coming out to Giraltar on 2nd July, and then things will really get back to normal, except with a bit more sunshine.
Thanks to anyone taking the trouble to read this, and good luck.

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Andy Cairns said...

Good to see you are settling down and are enjoying the life. I have got it all to go through soon as I am moving abroad aswell. I am also going back in time as its Norfolk I am moving to at the end of Jul! ;o)