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Saturday, March 11, 2006

Lady Luck is deserting me

What a terrible run of luck I've had today, between 11am and 4pm I played 8 tournaments and one hand on a cash table as follows :

£2 mtt finished 142/280
£10 stt finished 7/10 lost 3 hands to the river card
£5 mtt finished 40/55
£2.70 mtt sat to £10k finished 88/88 KK v AA first hand
£10 stt finished 10/10 AK v JJ first hand (maybe tilting a bit by now)
£10 stt finished 8/10 99 v 88 outdrawn
£5 stt finished 6/10
switched to a cash game $15c/$30c NL
dealt 77 first hand, flopped trips and lost my buy in to a flush on the turn
£2.70 sat to £10k AA v Q9s all in pre-flop, flop QQ7

think I should give up :( :(

This how it allways seems to go when I try to play at slightly higher stakes, however I have set a limit to play these stakes until the bankroll dropped to £800 I'm still just over £900 which is a big drop from £1100 2 weeks ago.
I'm tempted to go back to the small stakes again to try to rebuild my confidence, but if I keep dropping back down again so soon, Ill never build up my bankroll to the levels I was hoping to achieve.
The problem is that the bad beats, the outdraws and the bad play just hurt more when the amount of cash unvolved is more significant, and I'm just not enjoying my poker as much as I was.


Andy Cairns said...

you copying my blog ideas red?

dibble said...

it is hard to enjoy losing mate...

Ukgatsby said...

Keep your chin up, Have a look at the comments i put on MC Rollers blog.

Positive Mental Attitude